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RE-1 Valley School District


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I believe we should win, not for the accolades, but for our families!! We should win so that none of them have to worry about ever feeding their kids while they are in our buildings. We have so many great families that are just on that edge of not qualifying for Free/Reduced meals. And now they have an extra worry about whether they can pay for school meals or not. I’d love to NOT have to send out low balance letters, that is the worst part of my job. I know that it can be a hardship on them financially, it’s hard for me to do. I know these families, they are friends, co-workers, my staff, my kids friends and I was one of these families too. It’s not a good feeling to ever think you have failed your child with a basic need. We would give that gift back to them by winning. We ALWAYS feed the kids, no matter their balance, we always will, but to be able to take that worry off of their parents by being able to have their meal balances paid off with the prize money, and for them to to tell their children that they can eat at school everyday!! Man, what a feeling that would be for me and my staff ! PURE JOY!! We are there to feed the kids, not feeding them is NOT what we do. It is what we do best and makes us happy. Getting to feed them and make their day at school that much more productive and happy, nothing feels better than that. It’s shouldn’t be a students responsibility to worry about the bills, they are here to learn and learn without restriction’s, from the time they walk in the door until they go home, they should never have to go hungry or worry about going hungry under our watch. We WANT to feed all of them and give them a great start to the day with a good meal to nourish their minds and bodies. If we would be lucky enough to win, then WE ALL win if we can do that for our kids!!